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Real Life Bible
  • Real Life Bible is a YouTube channel for women with entertaining, theologically deep gospel content.

  • I combine Bible teaching with vlog-style storytelling to answer questions I’m facing in my own life.

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Partner with me in Digital Mission

  • My mission (God willing) is to grow a YouTube channel of 100,000+ subscribers within 5 years (this equates to approx. 10 million views per year)

  • My goal is to post a long video every week and a half and 3 shorts weekly for the 3 year start-up period. Youtube usually takes 100-200 videos for decent growth to kick in.

  • Each long-form video takes approx 10 days to make working full time (to research, write, film, edit and market a video)

  • In this start-up phase YouTube doesn’t provide any income, and I am doing YouTube instead of paid work

  • Your support would help me pay our bills and enable me to hire a video editor (working remotely) to take up some of the workload.

  • There's a huge market gap for this could you prayerfully partner with me to get this new ministry up and running?

The Big Why

Christians need a voice in mass media

Christians in Australia lack representation in mainstream media, but a Christian worldview in this area is crucial for local evangelism, political change, and social justice. To this end I am focusing on utilising social media to build a voice and inspire other Christian content creators.

Social media is hugely influential at an individual level

YouTube channels create tangible communities in their niche. It's both a privilege, a responsibility and a huge opportunity to be able to reach people in such a potentially powerful and influential way.

3 Current Opportunities

1. Huge Unserved Audience

  • 29 million hours are watched on YouTube by Australian women aged 25-45 monthly. Many are Christian or Christian friendly.

  • Female Bible teaching channels are very rare, leaving a large unserved audience who are looking for content that speaks to their needs and interests.

2. AI Digital Revolution

  • AI art generators offer a game-changing opportunity for small creators.

  • I'm using them to create photorealistic cinematic images in seconds, aiding visualisation of stories.

3. Immensely Powerful Marketing System

  • 70% of YouTube content is browsed not searched. YouTube will actively promote your video to more viewers if others watched and liked it.

  • Right now YouTube is heavily promoting Shorts which accelerate channel discovery

  • Used rightly, YouTube is a great platform to reach unchurched audiences.


I’m Zoe, I recently emigrated from the UK to Australia and my life has been pretty crazy. So I’m opening up my Bible to find answers to a million questions and challenges I have. Last time I was in Aus I was at Bible college for 4 years. I've also worked as a TV producer. But now I’m dusting off my commentaries and Calvin (on second thoughts, maybe Calvin a step too far) because I really believe everything we need for life and godliness is there in the Bible. In it our heavenly father is sharing his divine power with us (2 Peter 1: 3). We’ve just got to get our Bibles out and start listening…

My first words of wisdom

HOW TO TEACH THE BIBLE 101:‘As Paul spoke on and on, a young man named Eutychus, sitting on the windowsill, became very drowsy. Finally, he fell sound asleep and dropped three stories…’ Acts 20:9MENTAL NOTE: copy Paul in many ways but not in this.

Thank you to...

I'm videographer in residence at ADM. Check out all the amazing ministry they do with women. They rock.